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Vin Yin Yoga

Time : 60 min Price : 1800 ฿


The wonderful merge of two yoga styles Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. The two beautiful practice blend into what we do believe as a perfect way to gain both body strenght and flexibility. 

The class begins with Vinyasa practice to heat the body up and gains more muscle and body strengthening then follow by yin practice to gian flexibility in both physical body and mind.

Highly recommend 90 min class


Private One-on-One 60 min: 1800 THB
Private One-on-One 75 min: 2200 THB
Private One-on-One 90 min: 2700 THB

Extra person is 400 THB per class (Maximum 3 extras)

Fun Group Class with Friends and Family (5-10 persons)

Group Class 60 min: 3200 THB
Group Class 75 min: 3600 THB
Group Class 90 min: 4000 THB

For the group that is bigger than 10 persons please contact us