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Yin Yang

Time : 60 min Price : 1800 ฿


Yin and Yang are niether materials nor energy. They combine in a complementary maner and form a method for explaining a relationship between objects.

Usually, Yang is associated with functional aspect of an object and has more energetic qualities for example moving, expanding, ascending, heat, bright and active. Yin on the other hand, is associated with the physical form of an object and has less energetic qualities such as stillness, cold, dark, descending and contracting.

This practice is very powerfull and highly recommend to all level from biginners to more experienced. The class begins with strong standing poses for the first half and finish by passive yin poses to deeper stretching the connective tissue.

Highly recommend 90 min class


Private One-on-One 60 min: 1800THB
Private One-on-One 75 min: 2200THB
Private One-on-One 90 min: 2700THB

Extra person is 400THB per class (maximum 3 extras)

Fun Group Class with friends and family (5-10 Persons)

Group Class 60 min: 3200THB
Group Class 75 min: 3600THB
Group Class 90 min: 4000THB

For the group thatis bigger than 10 persons please kindly contact us.